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What does a Property Valuer do?

  • Sell your Property at Maximum Price
  • Valuation Certificate to negotiate with buyers
  • Know the real going price for the property you want to buy
  • Learn the amount of Pre- Approved Home Loan you can avail
  • Get Loans faster with the correct Valuation.
  • Get a Legal “NOC” of the Valuation of your Plot.
  • Get full inspection, market research & municipality information
  • Get a Legal certificate of your property valuation.
  • Get full inspection, market research & municipality information
  • Get a Legal certificate of your property valuation.

How it works ?

Step 1

Choose a Service

Choose the one that best suits your requirements

Step 2

Share details of property

Experts will assess its value based on location, condition & other factors.

Step 3

Get valuation report

Get the final valuation report from the team of valuers.


Welcome to the D2 Square Group FAQs section, where we aim to address your most common queries about our Property buying & Selling services. If you have any questions that aren’t covered here, please don’t hesitate to contact us for personalized assistance.

Property valuation is the process of determining the market value of a property. It’s crucial for various purposes, including real estate transactions, financing, and insurance, as it helps assess the property’s worth accurately.

Property value is determined by considering factors such as location, size, condition, comparable property sales, and market trends. Valuation experts use these data points to arrive at an estimated value.

Property valuation services are available for various types of real estate, including residential homes, commercial properties, vacant land, and industrial facilities. The process is tailored to the specific property type and purpose.

Lenders often require a property valuation to assess the collateral’s value when considering a loan application. A higher property value can lead to more favorable loan terms and potentially a larger loan amount.

Yes, many property valuation companies offer pre-purchase or pre-loan valuation services. These assessments can help you understand your property’s value before initiating a loan application.

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